Send in your objections!

102 applications for Castlemaine Harbour! 10 apply to Rossbeigh-Glenbeigh-Dooks (see below)

  • You can add all 10 application numbers to one email or send 10 separate emails. (T6/409A, T6/402A, T6/422A, T6/426A, T6/453A, T6/459A, T6/466A,T6/467A, T6/468A, T6/449A)

Deadline: July 2, 2018

Deadline for applications

Where to send objections

You can send your objections by Registered Post or by Email.

By Email: 

By Registered Post:

Aquaculture Licensing Section
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
National Seafood Centre
Clonakilty, Co. Cork

PLEASE SEND A  COPY TO SAVETHISBEACH@GMAIL.COM. This will help us keep track of our campaign.

The 10 applications affecting the
Rossbeigh-Dooks-Glenbeigh region

  1. T6/409A – Benoit Cronier & Daniel O’Sullivan
  2. T6/402A – Timothy Nigel Sheehan & Owen Teahan
  3. T6/422A – Frank McCarthy, Denis Murphy & Daniel McCarthy
  4. T6/426A – Paul Teahan, Owen Teahan & Timothy Nigel Sheehan
  5. T6/453A – Paul O’Sullivan & Noreen O’Sullivan
  6. T6/459A – Gerard O’Sullivan
  7. T6/466A – Gerard O’Reilly
  8. T6/467A – Jonathan O’Connor
  9. T6/468A – Jonathan O’Connor
  10. T6/449A – Glenbeigh Shellfish Ltd

Aquaculture applications - Rossbeigh/Dooks


5 steps to structure your objections

1. Add the application reference number (should look something like T6/4**, see list below)

2. Add your name, address, and contact info

3. Address it to the aquaculture review officers: Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine

4. Add the grounds to your objection, in your own words. Here are some grounds you can use for why you object:

    • Personal grounds: How will this intensive aquaculture development impact you? (house prices, your use of the recreational facilities of the area like the beach, watersports, health walks)
    • Environmental grounds: this area is a Special Area of Conservation, a RAMSAR site, and a Special Protection Area for wildlife and flora.
    • Economic grounds: Do you work in tourism? Will your livelihood be affected if tourists are no longer coming to Glenbeigh/Dooks because the visual beauty of the area has been ruined?
    • Legislative grounds: Have you spotted a fault with the application? Do you object to the Department pushing through applications without an Environmental Impact Assessment?

5. Send your application no later than July 2, 2018!


Do you have more time? Object to the other applications in Castlemaine Harbour or the Shannon Estuary in Kerry


Choose any of the applications on the DAFM website for Kerry: 

If time permits, we’ll help with grounds for objections for these, too.

Some of the same applicants are applying in the Shannon Estuary in north Kerry also, e.g.:

  • Dingle Bay Shellfish Ltd
  • Owen & P Teahan Shellfish Ltd
  • Cromane Seafoods Ltd.