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June X, 2018

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Aquaculture Licensing Section
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
National Seafood Centre
Clonakilty, Co. Cork


Case reference: T6/409A, T6/402A,  T6/422A, T6/426A, T6/453A, T6/459A, T6/466A, T6/467A,  T6/468A, T6/449A

[If you can, send in one for each; otherwise, add all 10 applications here.]


To the aquaculture review officers:

I heartily object to the aquaculture applications posted on the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine for the area of Castlemaine Harbour, an EU-designated SAC/SPA/Natura 2000 area.

I [and my family/business] object to the Department’s waiving of the Environmental Impact Assessment for these applications. I would like to make clear that I believe this to be in contravention of my rights as a citizen. I have the right under the Aarhus Convention to have the full information of the likely risks this kind of development poses in Natura 2000 areas. This move by the Department restricts my rights to public participation.

I object to the application referenced above in this letter on these grounds:

Personal grounds: How will this intensive aquaculture development impact you? (house prices, your use of the recreational facilities of the area like the beach, watersports, health walks). For example, you can state that you use the area recreationally (be specific – Reenanallage beach, or the back beach of Rossbeigh, or Dooks beach, or the two estuaries of the Caragh and Behy rivers). You can say that you bring visitors or your family to bird watch, or that you take part in watersports like kayaking, or you go rock-pooling with your children). You can also mention that the access roads are community health walks. You can also mention how narrow they are and not built for purpose, and that the number of trucks and vans going up and down these roads (Kilnabrack Lower, Inchirea, and Reennanallagane) is dangerous and will cause enormous disturbance and noise.


Environmental grounds: this area is a Special Area of Conservation, a RAMSAR site, and a Special Protection Area for wildlife and flora and part of the EU-designated Natura 2000 network. You can mention, for example, there are endangered species that depend on this area for survival. Brent geese, natterjack toads, salmon, sea and river lamprey, sea grass, widgeon, mallards, etc. are all present in the area. You can object to the development and the lack of any environmental impact it will have on this beautiful flora and fauna.


Economic grounds: Do you work in tourism? Will your livelihood be affected if tourists are no longer coming to Glenbeigh/Dooks because the visual beauty of the area has been ruined? For example, you can say that you feel this intensive aquaculture development will most certainly ruin the visual beauty of the area, and that this will drive tourists and vacationers away. You can mention any impact this will cause you directly if you have a business in the area or if you’re involved in tourism. Otherwise, you can suggest that this kind of intensive development will choke this rural community for the sake of a handful of jobs for the fishermen who have applied, at the expense of the rest of the community. You can also mention that the oyster farms are not viable, as this area is prone to shifting sands and that the longterm viability of the oyster farms is at risk.


Legislative grounds: Have you spotted a fault with the application? Do you object to the Department pushing through applications without an Environmental Impact Assessment? Do you feel the Department is acting against the Aarhus Convention and your rights as a citizen to public participation with the full facts?  You can mention here that you object to the lack of any environmental assessment of the risk that these aquaculture applications pose to the area. You can mention that you don’t feel you have all the information you have a right to have in order to fully participate in the process.


On the basis of these objections, I request that the applications be refused.

Yours respectfully,


Your name


[add photo of the area/beach/wildlife if you wish]