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Aquaculture License Applications  T06/402A – T06/426A -T06/453A -T06/409A – T06466A – T06/422A -T06/468A – T06/449A -T06467A -T06/459A


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Date: 26 June 2018

To the attention of the Aquaculture and Foreshore Management Division, Clonakilty, Co Cork:

I object specifically to these applications in the outer part of Castlemaine Harbor, covering ground from Caragh Bridge to Dooks Golf Course to Rossbeigh Blue flag beach: T06/402A – T06/426A -T06/453A -T06/409A – T06466A – T06/422A -T06/468A – T06/449A -T06467A -T06/459A

My reasons for objection are:

  • An undemocratic move by the Department of Agriculture in posting 102 applications for the same area in a two-week window, making it impossible for the public to make proper objections
  • A lack of local public participation and consultation for these applications
  • The Department is not complying with EU law and directives
  • An Appropriate Assessment that is incomplete
  • Incomplete and unreviewed license applications; applications that are hard to read (bad photocopies, incomplete answers, wrong maps)
  • Applications that would be damaging or disruptive to wildlife in the area
  • A lack of input and review by the Kerry County Council
  • Destruction of the visual beauty of the scenic landscape
  • Disruption to the local recreational use of the bay and area by locals, tourists, and children.
  • Pollution issues from this scale of aquaculture in the area (trestles, dead shellfish, noise)
  • The use of non-native seed and oyster cultivation
  • Lack of proper access roads
  • The lack of proper environmental impact screening and assessment
  • Industrialisation of a Special Area of Conservation/Special Protected Area/Natura 2000 network area
  • No significant employment created by this scale of aquaculture development
  • Potential to disrupt and threaten existing industry of tourism
  • No guarantees/deposits by applicants to cover long-term cleanup operations


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I ask that you please withdraw these applications on the grounds listed above, this area is of great importance to both myself and my family members and such development would result in irreversible damage to such a wonderful area


Kind regards,

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